I often have situations, where the scheduling of meetings is not done effectively. Tools like Doodle, mail or even phone calls are used to coordinate appointments even though Office 365 - including FindTime is available.
Therefore, I would like to go over the integrated functionalities of Office 365 and FindTime again.

In 2015 Microsoft introduced a Microsoft Garage Project “Schedule Meetings faster with findtime”. Since then, this has been continuously improved and integrated into Office 365.

The FindTime Add-In for Outlook helps you to coordinate appointments / meetings with colleagues, externals and partners without much administrative effort. By using the Add-In in Outlook it is very easy to start a poll containing several meeting suggestions.

Start a meetin pollStart a meetin poll

You don’t have to care about your calendar anymore, because the suggestions are automatically added as blocked and can be scheduled automatically by FindTime, if the required participants agree over a certain suggestion.
The invited persons can also add alternative time slots themselves via the voting link (website) and prefer certain proposals in addition to voting..


In summary, this add-in makes scheduling meetings with colleagues, partners and external resources a lot easier.