On the 02/22/2020, the first PowerShell Saturday Hamburg took place and what a day it was!

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Since May 2018, Fabian and I run the Hamburg PowerShell User Group once a month and for the first time, we organized an entire day of PowerShell Magic.

Speaker, Sessions and Workshops

This Speaker Lineup speaks for itself, for me, is’s still unbelievable.

Session Speaker Type Timeslot
PowerShell in SQL Notebooks in Azure Data Studio Rob Sewell Session 10:30
Certificate Management using Azure Automation and Let’s Encrypt Fabian Bader Workshop 10:30
PowerShell - a current Overview Tobias Weltner Session 11:30
Bringing classes and runspaces together - Async logging in PowerShell Jan-Henrik Damaschke Session 13:15
What to do if it grows? Evgenij Smirnov Workshop 13:15
Universal Dashboard with PowerShell Holger Voges Session 14:15
Do the -split! Mathias Jessen Session 15:30
Configuration-driven Active Directory Management Friedrich Weinmann Session 16:30

Fabian and I would like to thank all Speakers for coming to Hamburg and sharing their Knowledge!


The Presentations will be available in the next days - I will update the table above as soon as possible.


Without our Sponsors, this Event would not have been possible. We would like to sent a big THANK YOU to QSC AG, Aequitas Integration GmbH and Visorian GmbH.

Thank You All!

I’m actually shocked by the fact, that so many people came to Hamburg from so many different places - Rob flew in from the UK, Mathias from Amsterdam, Tobias and Holger from Hannover, Evgenij from Berlin, but also the Attendees were not just from Hamburg, we had people drive up from Dresden, Stuttgart, Berlin, Rostock, Braunschweig and even some that flew in from Switzerland and Austria - incredible! We really appreciate every single one of you!
A special thanks goes to Sönke for helping us throughout the entire planning phase of the event as well as for being there the entire day - we cannot thank you enough!

See you all at next years PowerShell Saturday in Hamburg!


Fabian and ChristophFabian and Christoph


Missing Jan-Henrik, he stood too far on the right - sorry ;)


Greetings from SeattleGreetings from Seattle

Since the Journey from Seattle to Hamburg was a little too far, Jeffrey sent us some greetings!


Rob SewellRob Sewell

Fabian BaderFabian Bader

Tobias WeltnerTobias Weltner

Lunch TimeLunch Time

Jan-Henrik DamaschkeJan-Henrik Damaschke

Evgenij SmirnovEvgenij Smirnov

Holger VogesHolger Voges

Table full of StickersTable full of Stickers

There is no Community Event without a fresh badge of stickers.

Mathias JessenMathias Jessen

Friedrich WeinmannFriedrich Weinmann