Microsoft Findtime / Meeting Poll

in Office 365 by Jacob Meissner
246 words · 1 min to read

I often have situations, where the scheduling of meetings is not done effectively. Tools like Doodle, mail or even phone calls are used to coordinate appointments even though Office 365 - including FindTime is available.
Therefore, I would like to go over the integrated functionalities of Office 365 and FindTime again.


Azure Maintenance Functions - Part 1

in PowerShell by Christoph Burmeister
1.1k words · 6 min to read

In almost every Azure Tenant I use, I have one Azure Function App that helps me to be more productive. Since the first day of the introduction Azure Functions, I used them to
automate different tasks. Over the time, the collection of functions became quite big and I would love to share them with you so you can benefit from them as well 🙂


PowerShell Async Logging

in PowerShell by Jan-Henrik Damaschke
1.4k words · 8 min to read

If you are working with PowerShell frequently, you will often run into the question of logging. How do I want to write logs, where to write them and which format should they have. We wont go into these questions here, however, we will take a look at how to implement PowerShell logging in a non-blocking (async) way.

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