Tenant Migration - Quest on Demand

in Office 365 by Jacob Meissner
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In situations like mergers, Office 365 tenants often have to be consolidated or migrated. Du to different companies having different requirements to compliance or governance standards. I would like to share my personal experiences in with the Quest’s on Demand Migration utilities.


Microsoft Findtime / Meeting Poll

in Office 365 by Jacob Meissner
246 words · 1 min to read

I often have situations, where the scheduling of meetings is not done effectively. Tools like Doodle, mail or even phone calls are used to coordinate appointments even though Office 365 - including FindTime is available.
Therefore, I would like to go over the integrated functionalities of Office 365 and FindTime again.


Exchange hybrid user migration

in Office 365 by Jacob Meissner
324 words · 2 min to read

During an Exchange online migration, some preparations must take plce in advance so users can be migrated easily to the cloud.
A typical error in the mailbox migration process occurs because of the mail domain (property: smtp/proxyaddresses) with the message “Target mailbox doesn’t have an smtp proxy”.

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