On July 1st, Microsoft is honoring community work with the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) title all over the world. This years renewal cycle held some big surprises for us.

First, Jan-Henrik was renewed for his 4th time as an Microsoft Azure MVP. Additionally, to our great delight, Christoph earned his first MVP Award as MVP in Cloud and Datacenter Management. Congratulations!

That means that the three of us now combine 2 MCT, several MCSE and 2 MVP titles.

We are very proud to be part of this journey and this great community and are looking forward to join the MVP summit 2020 in Seattle.
Till then we will continue to contribute to our local communities, our blog and attend conferences.

At last, we want to give you a quote that motivated us a lot in the past month:

I give a lot of talks where I say, “uncomfortable is the new normal”. Meaning that you need to have courage to do new things where you aren’t the expert and that can be uncomfortable.