Azure Hybrid DNS Architecture

in Azure by Christoph Burmeister
2.8k words · 17 min to read

Azure private DNS is a great solution to simplify DNS resolution for cloud resources in Azure. However, chances are you have components in your infrastructure that do not natively integrate with Azure DNS zones. In this post, I will show you how you to enable your own DNS solution to resolve names from Azure private DNS zones with CoreDNS on Azure Kubernetes Service.


OpenShift on Azure - Custom DNS

in RedHat OpenShift by Christoph Burmeister
346 words · 2 min to read

If you are using RedHat OpenShift on Azure as your container platform, you are most likely using Azure DNS to resolve names of your cluster nodes – at least when you deployed it using the ARM-Template provided by Microsoft with Azure as the OpenShift cloud provider instead of an “Bare-Metal” installation on Azure VMs without an cloud provider config.

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