O365 Tenant to Tenant Migration Part 3

in Office 365 by Jacob Meissner
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This section of the blog series is focused on the migration and the selection of the tool and the procedure during the migration process. Once the basic topics of strategy and identity have been clarified, we come to the next question: “How and what do we actually migrate?


In many cases, the use of Microsoft 365 Services requires existing processes & workflows to be reworked and existing Microsoft Excel lists to be replaced by Power Apps and SharePoint Online Lists / Microsoft Lists, because with the integration into the native Office 365 environment, new and significant possibilities for automation are provided and previously time-consuming processes can be accelerated.


Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) and Azure Data Explorer (ADX) clusters are SaaS offerings based on virtual machines. It is probably the oldest way to safe money in the cloud - just turn them off when you do not need them - here are two ways to do this.


Business changes, acquisitions, divestments, and corporate reorganizations often result in the need to merge companies or divisions. Today, a large number of companies already use Office 365 services, so an important step for IT is to ensure seamless collaboration and provide centralized management for the various divisions / companies.

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